Advanced Carbohydrate System


Many health professionals will always recommend a healthy diet accompanied by exercise to live well. The reason for this is that both are solutions to improving most health issues like diabetes and retain independence later in life. Every choice matters so it is the goal of Glucerna to provide you with complete and balanced nutrition and fill in where you may be missing real food. Today we will further explore the benefits of Glucerna’s exclusive Advance Carbohydrates System and specialized nutrients that can help support your diabetic diet needs.1, 4

Diabetic specific formulas provide consistent energy

A diabetic needs nutrition that will help keep their blood glucose stable. If they were to consume just any supplement for support, it can either raise their blood sugar too fast or not provide enough and cause side effects. The essential nutrients responsible for providing energy are carbohydrates, which are broken down by the body into sugar glucose to be used. Since not all carbohydrates are created equal, diabetics should choose food items that rate low on the Glycemic Index. In a range of 1 to 100, the lower the number, the slower the food raises blood glucose. Sourced from the most efficient natural fruit sugar, milk sugars and oat fibers, Glucerna’s Advance Carbohydrates System is sucrose free and as a result, each serving rates low on the GI, therefore providing consistent diabetic diet energy support. A regular consumption of Glucerna as part or whole meal replacement, Glucerna can help manage blood glucose within 3 months.2, 3, 5, 6

Specialized nutritional ingredients for best nutrient delivery

Even when natural food alone is suggested by loved ones, seniors who are unable to digest or chew meat, or have specific diet preferences may not be getting sufficient nutrition. Overly processed foods may contain some nutrients, but the tradeoff is their high sodium content and additives with long term side effects. Of the specialized and scientifically formulated blend of 28 vitamins and minerals in Glucerna, vitamin B2, B12 and Vitamin C & B6 are the ones that help reduce tiredness & fatigue. Combined together with the Advanced Carbohydrates System, energy provision is consistent without any side effects. Also high in Zinc, vitamin A, and Iron, a diabetic can be rest assured that their immune function is well supported too. This is important since high blood glucose (Type 2 Diabetes) inhibits the ability of immune cells to fight off infections, diabetics need all the high-quality nutrients to counteract.1, 4

How Glucerna can specifically support your diabetic diet journey

For people who are sensitive to strong smelling foods and textures, meal replacements are quite convenient. Backed by over 50 clinical studies over 30 years of research, Glucerna is the No.1 is often recommended by health care professionals (HCP) not only because of its efficient nutrient delivery, but also because of its versatile powder. Superior nutrition delivery in powder format, Glucerna can be made into snack drinks on its own or in smoothies, milk substitute in coffee, and even be used in cooking. Also, Glucerna has 4x myo-inositol (800mg per 5 scoops)1, 7, a known nutrient that acts like insulin, to help increase your insulin sensitivity, thus helping you to properly stabilize your metabolism as well. The benefits of the Advanced Carbohydrates System of Glucerna do not stop at its slow-release carbohydrates. The Advanced Carbohydrates System does not just include high quality carbohydrates, the system’s formulation allows Glucerna to be Cholesterol-free and Trans-fat free to support heart health. 5, 6,

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