How Diabetics Can Manage Hunger and Taste Fatigue

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Like many bodily machinations, there are many forms of diabetes, common ones being Type 1 and Type 2. And within those, each have subcategories (hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar)). There isn’t a ‘diabetes meal’ ultimatum, but you can manage your hunger by being knowledgeable. Recognize that it is not about cutting things out but making healthier swaps. When we are forced into a lifestyle, dissatisfaction is common, but many nutritional tools or nutritional supplements for diabetes management (Glucerna and Glucerna Liquid) can be a timesaver until diabetic management becomes second nature.1, 7

Importance of Managing Your Hunger

Why do diabetics need to manage hunger? It is mainly to keep blood glucose levels under control. Skipping meals to eat less may seem logical, but people with diabetes need to eat three meals a day. Skipping meals triggers something called “Polyphagia” or excessive appetite because the body does not like being deprived of carbohydrates.2, 3

Under-eating can worsen your hypoglycemia and dip your blood glucose abnormally low and cause fainting. Or overcompensating with food can cause heart and nerve damage when blood glucose is kept too high (hyperglycemia) for too long. Keep a record of all symptoms, food choice changes, and never feel ashamed to share it with family or friends, especially your doctor. 2, 5

Overcoming Inconveniences of taste fatigue in a Limited Diet

Because healthy diets tend to front “bread and water” with “boiled vegetables”, it is no wonder diabetics feel guilty of flaking out. You can enjoy food, it just takes a bit of planning, some creativity in the kitchen, and being knowledgeable when eating out. Where there is a will, there is always a way and how much to eat depends on your unique needs. Following the Healthy Plate model (¼ plate whole grains & carbohydrates, ¼ plate of proteins, and ½ plate of fruits & vegetables) is a great way to get “portion” control down.1, 6

Choosing better and Diabetes Specific Formula

Always look for more wholesome foods and learn which vitamins or minerals you need from which best quality fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy you are willing to eat. The key ingredients to mind are carbohydrates, so it is important to choose high quality ones. Also known as items with “slow release carbohydrates” (low-glycemic-index food, raises blood glucose slower than highly processed items), they are easy to identify.5, 6 Ranging from whole fruits and vegetables to hearty beans, lean meats, and plant oils, the closer the prepared item is to its natural form, the better option it is for a diabetic meal. What do you think is more filling? One cup of fresh seasonal grapes or one measly tablespoon of candy? How about two cups of hearty vegetables & bean soup versus a ribbon thin slice of pizza?4

When it comes down to it, you can always give diabetes specific formula options a try. Not all nutritional supplements are created equal. Look for ones with low glycemic index per serving, whilst having all the daily nutrients. For example, No.1 Doctor Recommended Diabetes Nutritional Formula in the US,8 Glucerna® is scientifically formulated for people with diabetes. Low in Glycemic Index (GI) per serving, Glurcerna’s new and improved carbohydrates system12 has 4x the Myo-inositol9 (an important carbohydrate responsible for mimicking insulin action) can help you better manage your blood glucose level effectively11 and manage your diabetes. Also including a dual fiber blend, heart healthy lipids, and a total of 28 vitamins & minerals, Glucerna can help manage blood glucose response in 3 months10.

Food is energy and is a means to live well. Though most diabetics know what they should eat less of, a balanced diet is what will protect you from diabetes complications. Food should help you stay satisfied and well-nourished without fluctuating your blood glucose too much. You can always consider Glucerna as part of a meal or as a snack (eg. 2 servings a day, 5 scoops + 200ml water per serving) to help effectively manage blood glucose levels11. For those who live on the go, Glucerna Liquid is now available to help make managing blood glucose levels a little easier.7

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