Diabetes-friendly Ingredients to Boost Immunity

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Since poor immune response is related to high blood sugars impeding the ability of immune cells, controlling your diabetic condition is top priority. The simplest and safest way to keep blood glucose in check and improve immunity for diabetics at the same time is through nutrition. A diabetic diet may be a little limiting compared to a healthy individual, instead of focusing on the good or bad, what exactly can a diabetic eat freely?1, 7

Let’s mention what to avoid first

A diabetic may get a little tired of hearing, “Don’t eat that!”, but it is an uncomfortable topic we have to discuss. The basics are really simple: limit sugary artificially flavored drinks, overly sweet fruits (depending on your level of diabetic condition), and snacks loaded with sugar and sweeteners. Since carbohydrates are responsible for raising or lowering blood glucose, avoid eating high GI food (Glycemic Index, rating of 0 to 100 on how fast it raises your blood glucose). Examples of such items are white rice, white bread, flavored packaged cereal, and non-whole wheat pasta. Though natural food is best, items like honey, agave nectar, and maple syrup have high sugar content and diabetics should have them sparingly.2, 4, 5

Tasteful Diabetic Diet

Let us get to what we can eat. Basic idea is that your diet must be filled with, if not all, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, slow-release carbohydrates and grains.

Load up on the onions, garlic, and mushrooms – not only for bulking up meals (fiber, keeps you fuller longer to prevent cravings) and flavor, they are loaded with several antioxidants. Also rich in B vitamins and several essential minerals, it strengthens your immune system cells, so they last longer to fight off infections. It will power charge an otherwise immunocompromised diabetic.2, 3, 4

Healthy desserts with fruits – healthy and fresh options, any type of fruit will do. Lean towards the citrus type and bright colored fruits for their flavonoid compounds, potassium, folic acid, vitamin C and fiber for protection against heart diseases and excessive inflammation. Otherwise, a diabetic with excessive inflammation will have plaque build (block efficient nutrient and immune cell distribution) up and strain the functionality (exhaust immune cells) of other organs in the body.2, 3, 4

Healthy Snacks – Snacking being off limits is a misconception for a diabetic diet. Following the same principle for regular meals, healthy snacks, high fiber, whole grain and proteins. They are the same foods found in the 3 mains, but just in smaller portions.2, 3, 4 Nutritional supplements may be especially helpful when food alone is not enough or you are just not feeling well enough to eat solids. Just make sure they are formulated to a diabetic diet’s specific needs. It is especially important that the meal replacement has a low GI to keep blood glucose in control. For example, diabetics can try Glucerna, a scientifically formulated for adults with slow-release Advanced Carbohydrates System* with enhanced levels of vitamins and minerals that also support immune health (protein, vit A, D, C, E, Zinc). Glucerna also has 800 mg Myo-inositol ^ to mimic insulin action and increase insulin sensitivity6 so that glucose does not build up in the blood. Rated as the no. 1 Doctor Recommended Diabetes Nutritional Formula in the US+, to help control blood glucose in 4 weeks + .7

Strengthening a diabetic’s immune system is key to fighting infections and illnesses, which diabetics are prone to catching because of chronic inflammations. A diabetic’s ideal meal should contain ¼ plate of proteins, ½ plat of both vegetables and fruits, and the remainder ¼ plate of carbohydrates.8 Slow digestible carbohydrates usually trigger a smaller spike in blood glucose, so Glucerna can help when carbohydrates through food alone are difficult to consume. Have Glucerna as meal replacement or snack and improve your diabetic condition while supporting your immune system. 


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