Diabetes-friendly Meals that Boost Immunity


Strengthening a diabetic’s immune system is key to fighting infections and illnesses which they can be prone to acquiring. Not only are infections more prevalent, but they can become complicated and difficult to treat. This is due to how diabetes affects our immune system.1

There is more chance that microorganisms in a diabetic’s body will become viral, leading to infections. This is due to the decreased immune response. Cells do not join to kill off the invading microorganisms in a high sugar environment. But once blood sugars are brought into a normal range, immune system responses become more rapid and the body can ward off infections.1

Since poor immune response is related to high blood sugars, controlling those is the key to keeping an intact immune response when you have diabetes.1

We all know what we should be doing to stay healthy and keep our immune systems strong: exercise regularly, wash hands frequently, get adequate sleep, drink lots of water, and—this is key—eat healthily. The same ways to boost the immune system applies to both diabetics and people without the chronic disease. 2

A diabetic’s ideal meal should contain one fourth meat, one fourth carbohydrates, and two fourths vegetables. They must be careful to avoid: sugary drinks, overly sweet fruits, and snacks loaded with sugar and sweeteners. The Burmese diet normalizes a full plate of rice per meal which diabetics must avoid consuming. Diabetics should only consume about ¼ a plate per meal.3

Here are diabetes-friendly food options that boost immunity.

Onions and garlic

Both have several antioxidants and can ward off a number of viruses and bacteria, thereby preventing infections and even potentially decreasing the risk of some types of cancer.2  


These are extremely high in antioxidants and are also known to be a good source of fiber, B vitamins, and essential minerals such as selenium and copper. Studies show that mushrooms increase the production of cytokines, which help fight off infection.2 

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are known for their mega doses of vitamin C, which has immunity-boosting properties, but they offer more than that. Studies show that citrus fruits have more than 8,000 flavonoid compounds, as well as significant amounts of potassium, folic acid, and fiber.2 

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