Exercises for Diabetics to boosting immunity for diabetics goes beyond a healthy diet

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Any season has their pleasantries, but they also have weather aggravated germs and illnesses. Diabetics are more prone to them due to restricted blood flow and nerve damaging inflammation from excess sugar in the blood. Diet and exercise are the best course of action to improve blood flow but boosting immunity for a diabetic goes a little beyond that. Here we explore what diabetics need to be more mindful of.

How are your feet?

Sensitivity loss in the feet due to damaged nerves and blood vessels is common in diabetics. Your feet are usually a good indicator of your health, so it is best to learn how to recognize a problem before it progresses. Since healing in diabetics is slower, check for these things often to monitor and get treatment if necessary.1

  • Pain in the feet sans any injuries or after a short walk
  • Foot pain that leads to thigh, gluteus, and lower back pain
  • Prolonged swelling of the feet even while resting
  • Persistent redness in the feet
  • Dry, cracked, hard or shiny skin on the lower legs
  • Blisters, wounds, or ulcers taking longer than usual to heal 
  • Feverish after an injury on the foot or leg or anywhere else
  • Numbness in the feet

Are you well hydrated?

A feeling of on setting fever, frequent hot flashes, cold sweats, or dry eyes with hot eyelids and stinging, you may not be drinking enough water. Diabetics are dehydration prone because the body has to draw extra fluids from all over itself to help the kidneys and liver to process and flush out the excess sugar in the blood. Dehydration also inhibits your cells to properly carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, thus hindering the body’s response to infections and illness. Viruses also thrive on sugar, so staying hydrated is very important for diabetics.1, 2, 3

Leave out Take Out Food

Unhygienic food handling can cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and vomiting that draw even more water from the body, furthering dehydration, and the body’s ability to fight off other infections in diabetics. Known to inhibit immunity when consumed in excess, processed foods are loaded with sugars, salts, and oils to make up for low quality ingredients. Hygienic food handling with more control over ingredients, fresher food options packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Potassium, Fiber, Calcium, and other nutrients will collectively better support immunity.2, 3, 4

When you feel like you need a little more support in controlling your diabetes while boosting immunity, nutritional supplements can help. Make sure they are diabetic specific as not all of them are created equal (hidden added sugars).

For example, various products from Glucerna are diabetic specific and are designed to top off nutrients missing from real food to help you upkeep your immunity.5


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