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Glucerna Triple Care 850g & 400g (Vanilla)

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Glucerna 850g & 400g  (Vanilla), Glucerna RPB

Product Information

How it should be taken? ဘယ်အချိန်တွေမှာ သောက်သုံးသင့်ပါသလဲ?

  • As part of a meal
  • As a snack between meals
  • As a beverage before bed time
  • As a meal replacement
  • Recommend to consult doctors for further advices
  • မနက်စာအဖြစ် သုံးဆောင်နိုင် ခြင်း
  • အဆာပြေအဖြစ် သုံးဆောင်နိုင် ခြင်း
  • ညမအိပ်ခင် သောက်သုံးနိုင်ခြင်း
  • ခန္ဒာကိုယ် အလေးချိန် ထိန်းသိန်းရန် ထမင်းအစားထိုးသောက်သုံးနိုင် ခြင်း
  • အထက်ပါတို့အပြင် ဆရာဝန်၏ ညွှန်ကြားချက်အတိုင်းလည်း ဖြည့်စွက်၍ သောက်သုံးနိုင်ပါသည်။

Who should take?

Nutrition for

  1. Diabetes Patients
    • Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes Patients
  2. Pre-Diabetes Patients
    • Diabetes Patients who have BMI greater than 25
    • Hypertension Patients
    • Patients who have high cholesterol level
  3. Support Weight Management for Obesity and normal diet

Recommendation Serving သောက်ပုံသောက်နည်း

product information
Use 2 to 3 servings of Glucerna® as a part of reduced calorie meal plan, as a calorie replacement for meal, partial meal, or snackUse 1 to 2 servings of Glucerna® per day to be incorporated into meal plan, as a calorie replacement for meal, partial meal, or snack

How to prepare? ဖျော်စပ်နည်း

1 serving : Put 200ml of cooled water in glass and add Glucerna 5 level scoops of powder

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800 mg Myo-inositol and Advanced Nutrients blend

  • Helps control blood glucose level

Steady energy

  •  Contains low glycemic index with unique carbohydrate blend and dual fiber blend 
  • Contains heart healthy lipid blend

 Muscle, Bone & Nerve support 

  • Contains calcium and Vitamin D to support strong bones  
  • Contains Vitamin B1,B2, B6 and B12 to support nerve function

Heart-Healthy Lipid Blend

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To prepare a 237 mL feeding, put 200 mL of cold water in a glass. 
Gradually add 5 scoops (enclosed) or 52.1 g of Glucerna® powder while stirring and mix until dissolved.

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Who Should Take?
  • People with type 2 diabetes ​(Helps support weight management in overweight/obese individuals with T2DM)​
  • Diabetics with Obesity (BMI >25)
  • Pre-Diabetic people 
When should it taken?

Can be consumed-

  • As a breakfast
  • As a snack
  • As a beverage before bedtime
  • As a meal replacement for obesity, body weight management and for normal diet supplement

Recommend to consult doctors for further advices

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