Exercises for Diabetics to Keep Immunity Up


So long as a senior with diabetes controls their blood glucose, it is usually enough to keep themselves reasonably healthy. But like life itself, it is not so simple. Your other lifestyle choices greatly influence blood glucose management and the effectiveness of your immune system. Besides making better nutritional choices with food and diabetic specific supplements (eg. Glucerna), we explore common habits and their better alternatives for a better immunity for diabetes for seniors.1, 2, 3, 4, 5

You have not been consistent with Exercise

It is okay to take care of pains or aches to make sure there are no underlying injuries. Exercise keeps the blood circulation efficient, which allows the body to distribute oxygen, nutrients, and immune cells which reduce inflammation. Specifically for diabetics, working out improves the body’s sensitivity to insulin.1, 2

What to do: Start by setting 30 minutes aside a day, everyday, minimum for walking. Double the time on weekends for yoga or machine free workouts.4

You have been eating too many Inflammatory Foods

Eating healthy for just 1 day does not make up for the ones with poorer food choices. Arachidonic acid, commonly found in egg yolks, red meats, deep fried foods, and sugary treats, over provokes an immune response, causing unnecessary inflammation.1, 4 Chronic inflammation takes away the immune system’s ability to fight real threats. A factor contributing to bad eating habits is sleep deprivation. It is due to the spike of hunger hormones compensating for lower energy levels.2, 3

What to do: Commit to a proper sleeping schedule and avoid eating anything a few hours before bedtime. Eat a rainbow variety of fresh food with calming antioxidant properties, omega fatty acid rich meats (fish), filling fiber whole grains, and flavor with vitamin and mineral (Zinc, Vitamin C, E, A, D for immunity) rich spices for meals.1, 3, 4

You are always Negative and let Stress affect you too much

Stress about your own diabetes can keep you awake most days. But when the stress is constant, the stress hormones (cortisol & adrenaline) negatively disrupt the immune system.4 The combined effect of increased stress hormones, inflammation, and the body’s inability to better deal with high blood glucose leads to straining the liver, kidneys, brain, and heart.1, 2  

What to do: Meditate, talk to friends, consult a doctor or workout to expend energy. Finding some humor in things such as laughter is a cheap and effective way to treat stress. It does it by triggering endorphins that reduce stress, thus allowing immune cells and antibodies to do their job more effectively.1, 4

When in doubt, always ask for Help

Based on personal situations, your own personal doctor may be able to analyze your habitual patterns and recommend treatment that best works for you. The principle of working out and eating fresh holds true in diabetic management and boosting immunity, but due to certain circumstances, it may not be enough. For a diabetic, one must be careful that the formula is specific to them because of blood glucose levels. For instance, the new and improved formula of Glucerna has 4x myo-inositol^ and a slow-release advanced carbohydrate system^ to help put blood glucose under control within 3 months##. Also containing vitamins and minerals that improve immunity and backed by over 30 years of scientific studies, Glucerna is the world’s no. 1 selling Diabetes Nutritional Formula.+ A senior can start improving their diabetic condition and immunity action from day 1 and see better blood glucose response within 3 months.## Visit Glucerna Myanmar today for additional questions, answers and to sign up for samples.2, 4, 5


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