Juicing and Soups to Control Blood Glucose

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Good hearty nutrition can protect you from the side effects of diabetes, like heart disease and high blood pressure that affect immunity too. A juicing and soup diet is one fast way of getting your daily fruits, vegetables, and all its immunity booster nutrients (eg. protein, Vitamin A, D, C, E) it has to offer into your diabetes meal. There are some precautions a diabetic diet has to take like added sugar content and hypoglycemia that affect your blood glucose. Ask your healthcare provider about your required carbohydrates per meal and even if a 100% juice and soup diet is appropriate for you. Your healthcare provider may recommend Glucerna as part of the diet to fill in nutrients missing from the ingredients that have been limited in the juices and soups.1, 6

What is a Juicing and Soup Diet?

The difference between a clear liquid diet which some systems do not even allow pulp or fiber and a juicing & soup diet is that the second one includes every food item, but in “viscous” form.

When you preserve as much of the fiber content as you can, it will help you maintain satiation and avoid potential blood glucose spikes due to the carbohydrate now being easily digested. 

Keep in mind that you may have to eat more than the standard three meals a day to get your appropriate calories and nutrients.2, 3 The rules of juicing and the soup diet are the same as the regular solid diet. Packaged juices and canned soups should never 100% replace fresh and homemade. Remember the 80/20 rule (80% vegetables/ 20% fruits) when juicing.3

Careful with the Sugar and Carbohydrate Content

One key con of juicing is the potential to add way too much sugar or use overly sweet fruits to cover up a green taste of fruit and vegetable combos. Remember to choose more Low Glycemic Index options (rating of 1 to 100 on how fast an item raises blood glucose). On the other hand, when you are too cautious with your ingredient choices, a diabetic can experience Hypoglycemia, where blood glucose drops too low and causes fainting.2, 3

The aim for this type of diet for a diabetic is to also support their immunity. Food items such as broccoli, citrusy fruits and tomatoes are good for Vitamin C (an antioxidant) to help boost immune cell resilience. A good way to get heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids from fish and nuts is to make a stock. Do not forget to cook with yogurt or add to the juices as it is rich in probiotics to get helpful bacteria that can stimulate the immune system. 4, 5 To better control of your blood glucose, partially include solid counterparts of the fruits, vegetables, and lean protein (eg. meat, whole grains, quinoa, soy). You can do this by replacing a portion, a whole meal session (preferably for breakfast for satiation), or as your snacking option. 4, 5

Glucerna as Part of Your Liquid Meal

Liquid diet is really not 100% liquid for diabetics because it needs to include protein and fiber content. The key to remember for diabetics is that they must choose low GI or low carbohydrate ingredients and that is done by knowing your food. As a means to monitor your carbohydrates content, you can have nutritional supplements to fill in the nutrients that were not covered by the food. For this you can have Diabetic Specific Formulas such as Glucerna. Rated as No. 1 Doctor Recommended Diabetes Nutritional Formula in the US,8 Glucerna is scientifically formulated for people with diabetes. It is low in Glycemic Index (GI) and has a new and improved carbohydrate system11 with 4x the Myo-inositol10, an important carbohydrate responsible for mimicking insulin action. Glucerna also contains up to 28 vitamins and minerals (12 that supports immunity; protein, Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E, Folate and selenium, copper, zinc and iron) to provide complete and balanced nutrition.6, 7

The mark of a good diet system is one that provides the right amount of nutrients, energy, and helps keep you satisfied. For about 2 servings a day (5 scoops + 200 ml water per serving), depending on personal goals, consider the use of Glucerna as part of your diabetes diet to start action from day 1.9 For those who live an on the go lifestyle, there is Glucerna Liquid options to help make managing blood glucose level a little easier.6, 7

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