Making Carbohydrate Choices with Glucerna for Diabetics

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What makes carbohydrates a smart choice? Or in other words, what makes Glucerna powder ingredients a specialized nutrition for diabetics? The answer is in the special blend of low digestible carbohydrates. It is a given that food processed close to its natural form retains the most nutrients, not all carbohydrates are created equal. Since sugars, starches, and dietary fibers are all carbohydrates, let’s explore what sets them apart from each other when it concerns how it affects your blood glucose.1, 6

The Different Types of Carbohydrates

Complex Carbohydrates – takes longer to digest, thus releasing glucose much slower into the blood. Items like beans, corn, potatoes, squash, turnips, oats, and wholegrains are examples of good complex carbohydrate sources. These items also retain the most vitamins and minerals like vitamin B, E, fibers, and some fatty acids, when consumed close to its natural form. Fiber, also a complex carbohydrate, only comes from plants and is actually indigestible, needed by the gut for digestive health. The initial indigestibility keeps a person satiated longer and does not cause spikes in blood glucose.2, 3

Simple carbohydrates – Simple and fast acting, releasing glucose into the blood very quickly. You might feel immediately energized, but crash shortly after because these foods provide the calories, but none of the nutrients to sustain. As a result, your body will crave more to chase that high. This is not good for a diabetic because blood glucose spiked that quickly and kept at that high can worsen the diabetic condition (uncontrolled blood glucose). These types of carbohydrates are easily identifiable as they are refined sugars (white sugar) or labeled as “added sugars” on food packages.2, 3

The Unique Carbohydrates Blend Behind Glucerna Nutritional Supplement

Strict dietary restrictions are not really sustainable and age, gender, and activity level factors in how effective those food disciplines are. All in all, a diabetic will benefit most from including more complex carbohydrates and consuming simple versions sparingly.2, 3

What makes Glucerna the No.1# Doctor Recommended Diabetes Nutritional Formula in the US? First it is because of its exclusive scientific formulation to have a low Glycemic Index rating per serving to not raise blood glucose too fast. The formulation consists of the new and improved Advanced Carbohydrates System^^ with 4x the Myo-inositol^, a carbohydrate, to help mimic insulin action to increase its sensitivity, thus lowering fasting blood glucose.4 Not forgetting about the importance of balanced nutrition, Glucerna powder ingredients have a special blend of 28 vitamins and minerals, including proteins, vitamin A, B, D, C, and E to help combat tiredness and fatigue. When taken together with food based on the Healthy Plate model (½ plate fruits & veggies, ¼ whole grains, ¼ proteins)5, you can start action from day 1** with Glucerna to help effectively manage blood glucose levels.++

For your path to making smarter carbohydrate choices and living well with diabetes, visit Glucerna Myanmar today to sign up for samples.6



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^    Compared to previous formula of Glucerna

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