Mindful Eating for Diabetics


Unlike regular illnesses, Diabetes does not currently have a known cure, but that does not mean you cannot live well with it. There are many things to be mindful of when you are serious about controlling your diabetes as managing it is not just about the food choices.1,

  1. Have a Plan
    Although many people may have diabetes, methods of control are not one plan fits all. It is best to consult a Dietitian for a meal plan to customize it to your blood glucose fluctuation levels and goal. A good plan is one where you can practice it both at home, work cafeterias, and even on vacation or holidays where we tend to indulge.1, 2

  1. Be Strong Willed
    You have the temptation to switch from one diet to one after another but being inconsistent is what causes rebound weight gain or worsened diabetic symptoms. Sustaining requires your full attention, but also never be afraid to ask extra help from a professional, family, or even friends to help you keep on track. Controlling diabetes can be a lifelong process and you need all the help you can get.1, 2
  2. What works for others, may not work for you
    Fasting may seem like the standard for controlling weight and cholesterol, it does not work for everyone. It can drop your blood glucose too low or spike it high when you eventually eat food because your body is in starvation mode if not done properly.1, 2
  3. Expect Distractions and Disruptions
    Controlling your diabetes is really about having a nutritionally balanced meal. But you face disruptions like limiting access to ingredients, being on the go often, or long work hours. When in doubt, test your blood glucose and adjust the next meal accordingly to bring blood glucose to target. You can indulge from time to time, it is just that indulgent
    foods often have little nutritional value, but the calories. If you feel that your plans are easily disrupted, then you need talk to a Dietitian for a better course of action. 1, 2
  4. Avoid Diet Burnout
    Most tend to think that diet food is tasteless and that their favorite foods will become off limits. A healthy diabetic diet really does have a tasty and endless combination of fruits, vegetables, with a side of whole grains, proteins, dairy, and healthy fats. To tackle variety burnout, have a plan and incorporate your favorites into it. For example, you can
    switch chicken with grilled tofu, mashed bean cutlets, or vegetable patties. Together with food, increasing your physical activity will provide an even better management of your diabetes.1, 2

But if you feel you need something to top off what you may be missing, nutritional supplements
can be seen as an option. Nutritional supplements such as Glucerna which is a low glycemic index (GI) formula, contains high protein, fiber, 28 vitamins and minerals packed into each serving to help you achieve your diabetic nutritional goals.


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