Why nutrition is best defense among diabetics?


When it comes to diabetes, most are familiar that Type 1 Diabetes refers to your body producing little to no insulin, while Type 2 is where your body does not process blood sugar properly. If not kept under control, diabetics can develop chronic inflammation. Either way, the best way to manage blood sugar is by having proper nutrition. Today we will explore why good quality nutrition through fresh foods is the best defense among diabetics.1, 4

Good Nutrition allows to keep track of what you eat
Food options are so varied that you can practically choose food groups you favor to manage diabetes. You may worry that diabetes meals are bland and flavorless, but it is more about how much you eat than what you eat. Start by either asking yourself if you are eating a variety of meats, how much greens in meals, are they filled with fried items, sugary drinks or do you have more than one cup of coffee a day. Once you begin counting, you will realize what you can take less of and progressively adjust overtime.2

Why Quality matters vs Quantity
Unfortunately, not all carbohydrates are created equal. To see how much an item would raise your blood sugar, consult a food Glycemic Index (GI). GI rates foods from 0 to 100, the lower range rating raises blood glucose slower, while the higher range raises it more quickly. Researching is the only way to know the GI rating, but the easiest way around it is remembering that the less processed and less refined the food item is, the lower the GI rating it will have. Complex Carbohydrates are found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans while Simple Carbs or sugars are from refined grains and processed foods. As in terms of quality, potato chips may seem as the lower GI option than a bowl of oats, but oats come with higher nutrients and filling fibers. As in, diabetics should avoid empty calories.1 , 2 

Supplements and diabetes specific formulas
The key to keeping diabetes under control is diagnosing and dealing with it early. If conditions are prolonged, you can develop many side effects. Chronic inflammation over time lowers the immune system to fight off infections, while also reducing the efficient function of other essential organs. This is because poor circulation makes the body take longer to mobilize immune defense mechanisms and distribute nutrients.1, 3

Getting proper nutrition through food alone can become complicated for diabetics and that is why they use the help of diabetic specific nutritional formulas. Glucerna, scientifically formulated for diabetics, has a low GI rating per serving. Glucerna, the most recommended by many healthcare experts, has the ability to help with the body’s natural process in managing blood glucose response. Low calorie, packed with protein and dual fiber to keep you fuller longer, heart healthy fats, Vitamin D, calcium, zinc and iron, Glucerna can be used as a meal replacement to help diabetics meet their daily nutritional needs and manage blood sugar.1, 3


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